Laying The Pathway
To Opportunity

Parent Gym Parenting workshops

We want to give your child a first-rate experience at school. That’s why we offer some of the best support that’s available to build a friendly, healthy community where children thrive and parents have access to a wide range of resources to share.

Here’s what we will be up to in the first part of the autumn term:

Thursday 7th September 9:00 am Come along to our first weekly Thursday ‘Pop in and chat’ session of the year in our Community Room

Monday 11th September 9:00-10:30am

SEND coffee morning with Bristol Parent Carer Forum in our Community Room

12-2:30 Free Incredible Years parenting course – places are limited

Tuesday 12th September 2:30 pm Come along to our first weekly Tuesday ‘Pop in and Chat’ session in our Community Room

Thursday 9:30am-11:30am. 28/09/23 – 16/11/23 (Not- 19/10/23 and 26/10/23) FREE Gardening Course

Tuesday 3rd October 2.30pm NextLink will be joining us for a chat in our Community Room

Thursday 19th October 9:00 am ‘Pop in and Chat’ will host a wellbeing workshop with our well-being practitioner in our Community Room

Here’s an overview of all the extras we offer to parents at Parson Street Primary.

Get in touch with Karen Cousins for more information.

Home Support Offer

Food Access – Current Offer

  • Community Larder (replenished weekly: including fruit/veg and a range of store-cupboard)
  • Referrals to Food Banks

Food Access – Coming 2023-2024

  • Nutrition Classes
  • Slow-Cooker Courses
  • Gardening Course
  • Fridge and Frozen Foods

Making Connections – Current Offer

  • BS3 Community Team (to discuss support available in the community)
  • Coffee Mornings (to meet with other parents and share difficulties/experiences with our Family Support Team)

Making Connections – Coming 2023-2024

  • 2x weekly Coffee Mornings (These will be on Tuesdays at 2:30pm and Thursdays at 9:00am and schedules will be provided for professionals joining)
  • SEND Coffee Mornings (joined by Bristol SEND Support Team)
  • Next Link/PCSO Coffee Mornings (joined by Domestic Violence Support)
  • Community Coffee Mornings (with a language focus – supported by translators)
  • Parent Buddy System (available to parents who are new-starters to engage them in the community)

Mental Health – Current Offer

  • Signposting (support with referrals or locating help)

Mental Health – Coming 2023-2024

  • Mental Wellbeing Workshops (Ele Lloyd, wellbeing Practitioner to run workshops for parents)

Behaviour & Routines – Current Offer

  • Parent Gym (a course to support parents with managing difficult behaviours at home and communicating)
  • 1:1 Behaviour Surgery (discussing specific strategies to support behaviours at home)

Behaviour & Routines – Coming 2023-2024

  • Bristol Council ‘Incredible Years’ Parent Course (a variety of courses available to support with challenges at home

Attendance – Current Offer

  • Home Visits
  • Housing Support (Supportive letters and sign posting)
  • Follow school tiered approach to supporting attendance

Attendance – Coming 2023-2024

  • Nutrition and diet workshops (to support low attendance to due stomach-related illness)
  • Dentistry workshops (to support low attendance due to dental needs)

Home Learning – Current Offer

  • Lending Libraries (Reading and toy libraries)
  • Learning Resources (exercise books and stationery)
  • IT Basics Course

Home Learning – Coming 2023-2024

  • Reading Sessions (Modelled 1: 1 reading sessions)
  • Core Subject Resources (Maths and English learning packs)
  • Maths Courses (Functional Maths Course, budgeting sessions.)

Information Access – Current Offer

  • Family Support page on School Website
  • Open Coffee mornings
  • Visibility at parents’ evenings and sports days
  • On school gate at pick-up and drop-off

Information Access – Coming 2023-2024

  • Videos on school websites with translation available

Cradle to Career – Current Offer (supporting your children on their journey to adulthood)

  • Support with applying for Secondary School Places
  • Signposting to pre-nursery support and provision
  • Additional Transition (this can be organised for those families who need further opportunities to visit schools)

Cradle to Career – Coming 2023 – 2024

  • Careers Day for Year 5 & 6 to help motivate and inspire
  • A range of Pre-Nursery workshops and support
  • Safer Options Workshops (inspiring mentors who can help children realise the dangers of knife, drug and gang crime and coach them to a brighter future)


Just wanted to thank you for the food parcel

It was very much appreciated

I found it quite hard to reach out but so glad I did I was very shocked at what we received on Thursday and am very grateful

I just collected the parcel from you earlier and thought I’d send you a message to say Thankyou.

I was surprised what was in there especially the quality!

It will come in handy as we can’t always buy fresh fruit (especially that nice).

The community room is great, I feel so supported by staff and other parents. No

one judges anyone and everyone supports each other. It’s an amazing place to sit and have a coffee, Miss cousins is amazing and has supported me and my kids

through some really tough times and made it possible for me to get a job and improve mine and my children’s relationship.