Parents and Carers
with them every step of the way

The first choice in Bristol community schools that transforms lives by striving for excellence so that all are 'next stage ready'.

We welcome any new parents and carers to our school.

Existing parents and carers at Parson Street Primary know that we do our utmost to help children to become lifetime learners and we are always very grateful for parental support to assist our efforts in the classroom. We recognise that:

You are your child’s first educator
We only get six hours each day to devote to teaching and learning and that’s why we provide tailored resources so that you can extend and support your child’s education at home.

Find out more about how to help your child thrive on their learning journey.

You are your child's primary carer

We want to give your child a first-rate experience at school.

That’s why we offer some of the best support that’s available in Bristol schools to build a friendly, healthy community where children thrive and parents have access to a wide range of resources to share.

Find out more about parent support groups, pastoral support or contact our family support worker.

We want the service that we provide you as parents and carers to be second to none amongst Bristol schools.

With Class Dojo, you’ll be able to stay up to date with what your child is doing at school and you’ll be able to enjoy it with them. Please let us know if there is any way we can improve our communications with you.

If there is any information that you aren’t able to find or you’d like to come and visit the school to see what we are doing to make ourselves stand out from other Bristol schools, please email us or click on the Calendly link to make an appointment.


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